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The concept for Rubberlesque was conceived in Berkeley, California in 2013. Creator and designer Franzesca Mayer was introduced to working with shaped rubber by Kitty Muntzel, who taught the method of contouring bicycle tires to fit the human form. These instructional sessions sparked years of experimentation with the shape and texture of recycled rubber, as well as the integration of rubber and miscellaneous scavenged materials. Through this alternative and somewhat unusual creative vision, Rubberlesque returns life to less-desirable objects and materials, putting forth a fashion line that is not only environmentally conscious, but empowering to those who wear it.     

Our Mission:

To instill the confidence of self-image. To inspire the strength of self-esteem. To induce the ferocity of self-worth. 

Why Rubber?

Leave No Trace

Rubberlesque is committed to positive change in the way we impact our environment. Our craft allows for the recycling of materials that are not popularly repurposed, converting needless dumping into something beautiful. This effort begins at the conceptual design level and is carried through to construction and on to shipping.

One of a Kind

Before coming into our possession, every bicycle rubber tube has been well broken-in. Miles of travel molds our rubber into a more malleable, rounded form that fits perfectly to the curve of a human body. Due to variation in use, no two sets of bicycle tubes come to us in exactly the same form. This carries an attribute of uniqueness to every work. Even when recreating previous designs, each version takes on a life of its own. The outcome is passing along a one of a kind product to our models and customers every time. 


Rubberlesque products made fully of rubber are naturally waterproof and non-hydroscopic. Whether you're in the bedroom, at a beach party,  or Burning Man, our durable and weather resistant construct has you covered. Looking for that wet rubber look? Try a little lube on your Rubberlesque products to evoke a little more attitude. 

Straps Sans Slip

 Whether you're entertaining privately, onstage performing for thousands, a part of the crowd at a festival, or walking the runway, every rubber strap stays fixed in place and moves closely with the body.


Special Thanks to:

 Cycle Sport Ashland  |  ashland, or

Get 'N Gear  |  Ashland, OR

for supplying used bicycle inner tubes


Got bike tubes?

Give us a shout!      recycled bicycle tires keep us creating!

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