Our Most Recent and Anticipated magazine Publications


Poisonous Pinups | May 2017

"We are a fast growing mixed modeling online and print magazine featuring Pinup, Horror, Cosplay, Alternative, Burlesque, Actors, Bands, Products, Movies, Conventions and more."

Gilded Magazine | May 2017

Gilded Magazine is an effort to showcase the art and beauty of alternative and fashion photography.  Gilded is a collaborative effort of a variety of talents catering to a wide audience, featuring an array of international photographers. 


Xpressions | May 2017

Xpressions Magazine is a photo based alternative, art based and fashion magazine. We promote artists, models, photographers, MUA's, Hair artists and more!

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Kultus  |  april 2017

"KULTUS Magazine believes in voicing significant social views and uncensored opinions. They are focused on equality, artistic freedom, and supporting artists that have been mostly unrecognized due to their unique visual style. KULTUS is the home of artistic expression and unique visual content."

"KULTUS is visually and emotionally exposing. It's edgy, alternative, vulnerable, retro, hilarious, unforgiving, stylized, celebratory, extreme, raw, unfiltered imagination in its most unadulterated form."

Three issues released per year.


Twisted Edge  |  April 15th, 2017

Tattoo Special

"It's an EDGE thing"

Released in monthly issues.

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YM Local |  April 2017

Change of the season gives life a fresh start. Go outside and enjoy life!
Live life to the fullest! Capturing the local Portlandia & globally.

Released in monthly issues.