Precious Darlings

precious darlings

this collections is about confronting fears. 

imagine the best case scenario.
imagine the worst case scenario. 
then combine the two. 
add sex
add danger
call them dear
fall in love
but never
be afraid
precious darlings

photography by infinity crisis studio

photography by infinity crisis studio

featuring models - Jim Kirk - Holly Aguiar - Christina Chambers - Liffany Chen - Yessica Hinks -
Jack Buckley - Kate Lynn Grimm - Truong Nguyen - Stephanie Johnson - Tobin Roggenbuck

makeup artistry by Alicia Eugenides
hair stylings by Tobin Roggenbuck, Yessica Hinks and Jack Buckley
hats + umbrella designed and created by Andrew Beyer for Rubberlesque
masks designed and created by Paul Lurenz III + Lena Brandis for Rubberlesque

Special Thanks to Dominic Arenas, RAW Artists Seattle, and John Ofori