Product Care


Tricks to wearing rubber:

for more movement

For more movement, apply your generic water-based lubricant (yes, the sexy stuff) to the backside of the straps needing movement, as well as to the track on your body that you want the straps to slide on. This will give you more flexibility and movement and can be washed off with a little soap and warm water. 

for more sheen

Whether it's for a photoshoot or the perfect honeymoon tableau, grab that lube again and rub it all over the rubber. It can be washed off with lukewarm water so don’t be shy. This will give you that shiny, sexy, latex look under any lights.


Our products are resistant to water and non-hydroscopic. No need to worry about getting them wet.


Rubberlesque recommends hand washing our products with lukewarm water and everyday dish soap. Our products are NOT dryer safe and lose shape and integrity under hot water.


Feel free to shoot us an email. We'd be happy to help with care in maintaining longevity of our products!